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SRG Global supply threaded reinforcement bars (rebars) which are used in the construction industry to speed up construction over joints in reinforced concrete and eliminate the need to drill through formwork.

SRG Global provide reinforcement couplers which offer a better alternative for splicing reinforcement bars (rebars) in reinforced concrete construction. The use of couplers eliminates the need for welding and/or lapping of rebars, making a guaranteed connection and reducing rebar congestion in critical areas. SRG Global offers proven world class coupler systems including a bar-break taper thread standard coupler, a precast inter-lock coupler and an in-situ splicing coupler.

SRG Global supplies reinforcement continuity boxes (or pull-out boxes) which are a commonly accepted method of providing for continuous reinforcement across a concrete joint. This product consists of reinforcement assembled into a box which is fixed to formwork and cast into the concrete. On stripping of the formwork the box lid is removed and the reinforcement is straightened out into the area of the next pour.

SRG Global has their own forged double head punching shear rail system (PSR). PSR is a useful and efficient solution for overcoming areas of high shear in reinforced concrete structures. A very common application is around column heads in post-tensioned (PT) slabs to counteract the high punching shear around the column slab connection resulting from the thinner PT slab.

SRG Global has invested in threading equipment placed at its factories in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth and with partner threading providers in Melbourne. We offer threading and crimping capabilities for all three coupler systems.

Bartek Rebar Splice System – BP

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Bartek Rebar Splice System – PTM

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Lenton Couplers

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Punching Shear Reinforcement

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QuikBoxTM, QuikAnkorTM and QuikCouplerTM

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