Who We Are


Our success is driven by our people and we recognise that a skilled and diverse workforce is a key to creating great outcomes. We are committed to identifying and implementing new and innovative ways to bring diversity into the business.

SRG Global

Our culture supports and values an inclusive and diverse workforce. We foster an environment that drives both different thinking and approaches to making the complex simple.

Our diversity encompasses a workforce from varied backgrounds who have unique skills, experience and views. They also differ by gender, culture, ethnicity and in other ways such as education, age, religious or cultural background, physical ability and family responsibility. At SRG Global, we are committed at all levels to create an environment that promotes teamwork through inclusion and the development of people based on their strengths.

Gender Diversity

SRG Global fosters a culture where female team members feel supported and safe to perform their duties by creating an environment that promotes and ensures that all employees can succeed in their role.

Increasing our female employment remains a key priority for our business. Our approach to realising this commitment centres around identifying new innovative ways to bring more diversity into our blue-collar workforce.

These initiatives include supporting our employees with parental duties that also enable them to continue to develop their careers and achieve their personal goals. These targeted campaigns engage and promote opportunities through bespoke onboarding and support tools to set our female team members up for success.

We are proud of the progress we have made so far to empower women within our own workforce, with numerous females in key leadership positions. We are determined to ensure that we continue to develop our culture in a manner that understands the importance, and appreciates the benefits that gender diversity brings to our workplace.