Who We Are


SRG Global has transformed from a specialist construction subcontractor to a truly diversified industrial services company.

SRG Global

Our Engineering Mindset

SRG Global was born out of Australia’s greatest engineering challenge, the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme, in 1961.

SRG Global is a very different business today. We have grown into a substantial, diversified industrial services company, however one thing that has remained constant for over 60 years is we apply an engineering mindset to everything we do – this is part of our company’s DNA.

Critical Services

For more than six decades SRG Global has been working in partnership with communities providing local jobs and business opportunities safely, sustainably and delivering critical services to our clients in major industries across the entire asset life cycle of engineer, construct and sustain.

These services include time-critical shutdowns, maintenance, drill and blast, engineered facades and the anchoring of dams.

Importantly, these services are not just critical for our clients, but also for the communities where we operate.

The Most Sought-After

Put simply, our vision is to be the most sought-after in what we do.

When our clients have a challenge, a problem or an opportunity, we want SRG Global to be the first people they think of when they pick up the phone. As we have done since the 1960’s, we make the complex simple.

Where We Are Going

We are proud of our history and have a bright future. As we execute our strategy, we will continue to deliver step change growth as we keep building the company we know we can be.

We will continue to be a smart, innovative, technical company that brings value engineering to the delivery of critical services across the entire asset life cycle of engineer, construct and sustain.

What will not change is what we stand for: Live for the challenge; Smarter together; Never give up and Have each other’s backs.