Who We Are


We are committed to the sustainable development of our business through the appropriate management of economic, environmental and social risks as well as the opportunities that are encountered across
our operations.

SRG Global

Our commitment is underpinned by our core beliefs of ‘Smarter Together’ and ‘Have Each Other’s Backs’ and strives to establish sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and other stakeholders.

As a business we recognise that our people and their combined capabilities and experience are our most valuable asset and is what enables us to continuously innovate and deliver for our customers. We embed sustainable practices throughout everything we do to improve our processes, systems and customer focus to ensure we remain at the forefront of current and future technological advances.

We are proactive and actively encourage constructive engagement with local communities to achieve shared and lasting outcomes that contribute to making the regions where we work, socially and economically stronger.