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The SureLokTM slab to slab range encompasses two SureLokTM products. The SureLokTM 160S and the SureLokTM 200S.

The SureLokTM slab to wall range encompasses three SureLokTM products. The SureLokTM 160W, the SureLokTM 160W+ and the SureLokTM BRS (Basement Retention System). All three products are designed to provide a temporary movement joint between a wall and slab and eliminate the requirement for pour strips.

The SureLokTM 160W is used on applications where the anchor can be fixed inside the wall cavity and positioned and secured by local reinforcement or is set into a precast wall.

The SureLokTM 160W+ is used in applications where the anchor is attached to the inside of the shutter by way of the void former.

The SureLokTM BRS is used for basement applications where the walls are formed using shotcrete.

The Macalloy 1030 and S1030 Post-Tensioning bar systems are high-strength bar systems with superior fatigue properties.

The Macalloy Post-Tension bar provides an ultimate yield strength of 1030 N/mm2.

The Macalloy Post-Tension bar is available in diameters from 20mm to 75mm.

SRG Global offer a range of permanent movement shear connectors for both slab on grade and suspended slab applications. These connectors cover a wide range of applications from light box dowels to heavy duty shear dowels.

BBR offer a specially designed continuous hot rolled thread over its entire length allowing it to be easily cut or lengthened with couplers at any location. With its reliability, robustness and ease of installation and the full range of accessories, BBR H Bar is a versatile system for the most complex and technically challenging construction and underground applications.

Macalloy 1030 Stress Bars

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Macalloy Tension Bars and Compression Struts

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Macalloy S650

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Macalloy Sheet Piling

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