SRG Global is an engineering-led specialist construction, maintenance and mining services group built to solve the complex problems across the entire asset lifecycle
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Industrial services

We bring engineering know-how, the skilled workforce and the access solutions to make sustaining buildings, structures and industrial plants easier
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  • Streamlining the job of preventative maintenance

    SRG Global has expansive capabilities across all aspects of industrial services, particularly mineral processing and heavy manufacturing facilities.

    Tasks such as ultra high-pressure water blasting, refractory management and materials handling normally require several different contractors to handle each element of the job. SRG Global is unique in that we can self-perform almost every facet of preventative maintenance, including shutdown planning, access, industrial cleaning and rectification works.

    We work quickly and efficiently, and when problems are encountered we have the engineering mindset and capability to overcome them without the need for outside intervention. The result is a safer and more cost-competitive service.

    Our services

    SRG Global is a leading provider of refractory maintenance services, consistently bringing our client’s project in on-time and with an excellent safety performance. We carry out shut downs and ongoing maintenance works as well as new construction for the cement, chemical, pulp and paper, steel, aluminium, dairy, meat, timber and petrochemical industries as well as for crematoriums, boiler and glass manufactuerers, brickworks and primary and secondary smelters.
    SRG Global has extensive experience in providing safe and efficient high pressure cleaning services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our experienced Ausjet trained operators, comprehensive work methodologies and vast range of spare parts and accessories, ensures that equipment break down is minimised and the job is done in the safest and most efficient way possible.
    SRG Global provide safe and environmentally sound hydrocarbon removal from industrial sites. With 3A rated self-contained vacuum loading trucks, we can ensure the safety to both our client’s assets and our own employees. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in managing this hazardous operation safety and in an environmentally conscience manner.
    SRG Global’s robust procedures and experience ensure that projects involving handling or removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead paint are executed safely and with no impact on the surrounding environment.
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