Asset Maintenance

Civil Maintenance

Maintenance of tailings storage facilities and other ancillary site infrastructure.

SRG Global

We apply our specialist capabilities to the maintenance of Tailings Storage Facilities including: residue management, bulk material handling, buttressing of existing facilities and continuous lifts across embankments both downstream and upstream.

SRG Global holds a 35-year history delivering earthworks related maintenance services. We are engaged through a range of term maintenance contracts for earthworks services that include the construction of pads and site-wide infrastructure, stockpile management, haul road maintenance and drainage.

We support our clients’ operations through the delivery of maintenance services for road maintenance (including haul roads), stockpile management, drainage, stormwater management structures, HDPE pipelines, in ground services, HDPE and geosynthetic lining systems and the construction and bespoke cells and earth bunded storage structures.

We undertake concrete construction works in brownfield environments that often have a close interface with live operations. SRG routinely perform concrete construction works on port and marine structures, often working over water in environmentally sensitive areas.