Specialist Facades

Facade design and construction, curtain wall facade design and certification and facade installation.

SRG Global

Design and Shop Drawings
SRG Global provide detailed construction and fabrication drawings which show proposed material, shape, size and assembly of the parts and how the entire unit will be installed. SRG Global offer design assistance to architects and clients, providing input at the early design stage to facilitate an economical design solution for each individual project.

Engineering Calculations and Certification
Our engineering design and certifications are provided by local Australian building engineer certified practitioners. Technical and performance requirements for each project are addressed meticulously and performed in accordance with project specifications and Australian Standards.

Thermal Analysis
SRG Global also undertake thermal analysis of our facade systems to ensure a high level of sustainability in our buildings. Consideration is given to heating, ventilation, solar gain, building use, choice of materials and building form, amongst others. Our systems incorporate thermal separation of facade components between internal and external where necessary to obtain the required internal conditions and optimum energy efficiency.

Testing is performed in accordance with Australian Standards to assess its performance and compliance to the project’s specifications. Tests include air leakage, infiltration, wind loading, pressure loading, water resistance, penetration and tightness.

Water Penetration Under Static and Cyclic Pressures
Water is sprayed over the external face of the test specimen by a multi-branch valve system and the flow rate monitored by an electronic meter. This is undertaken to observe any water leakage or uncontrolled water on the interior surfaces at any time during testing.

Design and Certification Process

  • Concept design
  • Shop drawings
  • Engineering calculations
  • Facade test detailing and test procedure
  • Material selections
  • QA plan and Inspection Test plans
  • Design certification

In-House Manufacture
SRG Global has three dedicated manufacturing facilities.

Plant 1 – Shanghai Jinbo

  • Staff 120-140
  • 2 Production Lines
  • Production Capacity 80,000 – 100,000m2 per annum

Plant 2 – Shanghai Meite

  • Staff 100-140
  • 2 Production Lines
  • Production Capacity 80,000 – 100,000m2 per annum

Plant 3 – MeiQiao

  • Staff 60-80
  • 1 Production Line
  • Production Capacity 40,000 – 50,000m2 per annum (2nd production line under planning)

SRG Global’s facades division provide the highest quality management and installation of your architectural facade and curtain wall projects.

Our experienced team provide:

  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Site Delivery and Handling
  • Site Installation and Glazing
  • Onsite Inspections and checks
  • Final Inspections
  • Warranties

Facade refurbishment specialists
SRG Global has extensive experience in facade remediation project including heritage structures. We are able to offer a unique end-to-end solution including design, engineering, manufacture, access, installation and project management for your facade project.

SRG Global’s facade restoration services include:

  • Detailed examination and reporting
  • Reinstatement of weather sealing
  • Window system replacement
  • Precast concrete repairs
  • Cladding replacement
  • Masonry spalling or cracking
  • Lintel replacement
  • Decorative finishes and surface coatings
  • Concrete and render repair

Cladding Replacement
SRG Global utilise compliant cladding material for all building facades. Critical elements of such projects include logistics, engineering, management, scaffolding, hoarding, public protection, traffic management and hoisting, all of which are  performed by SRG Global in-house. We have extensive experience in facade installations as well as facade refurbishment projects. SRG Global has a proud history of delivering building facade installation and refurbishment projects throughout Australia. We have worked on many large-scale complex commercial and residential projects throughout Australia’s major CBD markets. We are well-equipped to undertake projects whatever the location or difficulty. Our proven track record and experience, as well as our focus on safety, quality and the environment ensures SRG Global are the right people for the job.