SRG Global attend the Australian National Committee on Large Dams 2022 Conference

This years’ theme, “Sustainable Dams in a Climate of Change” provides an invaluable opportunity to consider the landscape we occupy as an industry, by exploring the challenges and opportunities of dam ownership against a backdrop of increasing expectations from the community and other stakeholders.

The ANCOLD conferences serve as a platform to share and challenge knowledge across all aspects of dam design, construction, operation, maintenance and planning.

SRG Global are the world leaders in the design, engineering and installation of ground anchors that improve the stability of dams. Our large-scale ground anchors are helping to secure major water reservoirs around the world. Our anchor technology has been developed over 60 years leading the industry in design and installation techniques, and SRG Global holds the world record for the largest anchors ever installed and have completed 90% of Australian anchored dam upgrades since 2005.