SRG Global is an engineering-led specialist construction, maintenance and mining services group built to solve the complex problems across the entire asset lifecycle

We're up for the challenge

We provide a comprehensive package that includes, solving problems around how to construct more efficiently and cost effectively, to specialist technical expertise, innovative technology and equipment and a highly skilled, competent workforce.Building
We deliver a lifetime of quality without sacrificing safety or cost-effectiveness. Decades of experience across all kinds of iconic infrastructures have allowed us to develop the innovative techniques and specialised tools needed to make any infrastructure project less complex.Civil
We not only come up with smart solutions to your asset maintenance and repair challenges, we also do the work – diagnosing, protecting, cleaning, repairing, strengthening and monitoring buildings, structures and industrial plant.Asset Services
We are flexible in how we work, execute drilling programs with precision and respond confidently to challenges that arise in the open pit each day. It’s part of who we are to continually investigate safer and more innovative ways of doing, and to re-engineer our machines to optimise performance for each customer’s mine site and to minimise handling and risks to personnel.Mining
SRG Global’s operational expertise and experience in commercial and civil construction, combined with our decades of engineering experience, means we know how to design and manufacture products that out-perform in real-world situations, and under all kinds of conditions.Products