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Temporary and Permanent Movement Joints

We design, manufacture and supply advanced construction and ground support products for improved productivity, cost and safety, and better structural integrity
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  • The complete engineered solution for temporary and permanent movement joints

    SRG Global have developed in-house a complete engineered solution to temporary movement joints – SureLokTM. SureLokTM is the result of years of experience, investment, research, development and testing.  It has been developed for the post-tensioning, construction and mining industries.

    SureLokTM is revolutionary as it offers a range of safety, cost, design and performance benefits.

    To complete the range of Temporary and Permanent Joint connectors, SRG Global has partnered with Schock from Germany to offer a fully AS3600 compliant range of Permanent Movement Shear Connectors.

    Download the SureLok™️ brochure here

    Download the Schock brochure here

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    The SureLok™️ slab to slab range encompasses two SureLok™️ products. The SureLok™️ 160S and the SureLok™️ 200S. The SureLok™️ 160S was launched in 2014 as a TMJ product.
    The SureLok™️ slab to wall range encompasses three SureLok™️ products. The SureLok™️ 160W, the SureLok™️ 160W+ and the SureLok™️ BRS (Basement Retention System). All three products are designed to provide a temporary movement joint between a wall and slab and eliminate the requirement for pour strips.

    The SureLok™️ 160W is used on applications where the anchor can be fixed inside the wall cavity and positioned and secured by local reinforcement or is set into a precast wall.

    The SureLok™️ 160W+ is used in applications where the anchor is attached to the inside of the shutter by way of the void former.

    The SureLok™️ BRS is used for basement applications where the walls are formed using shotcrete.
    The Schock permanent movement shear connectors are the first single shear dowel to obtain European technical approval as a load bearing connector in reinforced concrete and is now available in Australia with SRG Global as its sole distributor.

    The most reliable solution for transferring vertical loads in expansion joints is to use the Schock range of shear connectors. These dowels connect the elements on each side of the joint without the need for alternative construction methodologies. In doing so, it transfers shear forces while allowing for necessary lateral and longitudinal movement.
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