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Post-tensioning products

We design, manufacture and supply advanced construction and ground support products for improved productivity, cost and safety, and better structural integrity
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  • Made by one of the world leaders in post-tensioning

    Our reputation as one of the foremost post-tensioning contractors in the world is built in part on our insistence on the very best barrels, wedges, anchors, ducts, dowels, chairs and other post-tensioning products.

    The advantage of selecting SRG Global for post-tensioning work is that we can engineer the process, specify the right products based on years of experience using those products, and then supply, install and construct.

    If the product we need does not exist, we develop, test and manufacture it ourselves.

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    Our services

    SRG Global manufacture and supply zinc coated, spirally wound steel ducting for all types of applications. The corrugated duct is strong and bendable and allows for changes in profile not possible with PVC and other ducts.
    We manufacture and supply steel and plastic duct chairs to suit a wide range of construction applications. Our range includes plain, clip on (steel or plastic) and clip on with base.
    Barrel and wedges are used for locking strand in the hole of a barrel or banana block. We manufacture two different sized barrel and wedges, 12.7mm and 15.2mm
    Swage plates allow pressure to go to the end of the post-tensioned slab so barrels do not pull through the slab, they come in one size which fits both 12.7mm and 15.2mm strand
    Anchor blocks, banana blocks and couplers are all used in post-tensioning. Anchor blocks are used for transferring pressure and come in three sizes, 305, 505 and 506. Banana blocks are used as the seating tool for wedges and come in four sizes, 305, 406, 505 and 506. Coupling blocks are used for joining slabs together and come in three sizes, 405, 505 and 506.
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