SRG Global is an engineering-led specialist construction, maintenance and mining services group built to solve the complex problems across the entire asset lifecycle
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Specialty Bars

We design, manufacture and supply advanced construction and ground support products for improved productivity, cost and safety, and better structural integrity
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  • Providing the complete bar solution for the most stringent requirements

    SRG Global are specialists in the supply of various types of specialty bar solutions from stress bar, to tension rods and compressions struts. Our internationally recognised technology partners Macalloy and BBR provide the complete bar solution to support the most stringent requirements.

    Our expertise extends from ground anchors, tension piles, bridge stress bar applications, architectural and façade tension rods and large compression struts. Macalloy and BBR bar products have been used in a variety of bridges, tunnels, stadiums and high-rise structures across Australia, which highlight broad bars solutions offered by SRG Global.

    To download the Macalloy 1030 Stress Bars brochure click here

    To download the Macalloy Tension Rods and Compression Struts brochure click here

    To download the Macalloy S650 brochure click here

    To download the Macalloy Sheet Piling brochure click here

    To download the BBR H Bar brochure click here

    To download the BBR SDX Bar brochure click here

    Our services

    SRG Global use and recommend Macalloy high performance bars, stress bars, tension rods and compression struts in the most complex concrete and steel structures across Australia.
    BBR offer a specially designed continuous hot rolled thread over its entire length allowing it to be easily cut or lengthened with couplers at any location. With its reliability, robustness and ease of installation and the full range of accessories, BBR H Bar is a versatile system for the most complex and technically challenging construction and underground applications.
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