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Stay cable systems

There are few infrastructure projects that can’t be improved through our engineering-led thinking, combined with our ability to self-perform everything we do
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    SRG Global provides strand, wire, bar or carbon stay cables for a wide variety of structures, drawing on both local and global expertise and resources across the BBR Network. Stay cables may be plain strand / wire unsheathed for temporary applications. For permanent stay cable applications – galvanised, waxed and individually sheathed strands which are enclosed in an external sheath are adopted. Alternatively, wires enclosed in a sheath with the voids then filled with a flexible corrosion protection compound are also used.

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    Cable-stayed bridges have the ability to meet the increasing demand for long span structures. Their advantages lie mainly in their elegance, increased aerodynamic stability, reduced costs for abutments and faster, easier construction delivering a lightweight structure. SRG Global can provide strand (BBRHiAm ConaTM), wire (DinaTM / HiAmTM) or bar type stay cables for this specialist method of bridge construction which is especially suitable for medium to long span bridges from 100 metres to 1,000 metres.
    SRG Global has supplied cable-stay systems not only to bridges but to stadium roofs and buildings such as the famous Sydney Tower.
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