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Heavy lifting and shifting

There are few infrastructure projects that can’t be improved through our engineering-led thinking, combined with our ability to self-perform everything we do
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  • Putting massive structures perfectly in place

    When it comes to dealing with massive loads or complex handling of structures or elements, we have the solutions available to solve such challenges.

    Although we are renowned for our incremental launching of many bridges – including the worlds’ third longest – our team has undertaken many other iconic projects. These include reconfiguring Sydney Olympic stadium post the 2000 games, where we precision slid seven grandstand elements up to 2,000 tonne over 16 metres. Items such as stadium roofs have been lifted and positioned by us on projects where normal construction methods are uneconomic or less safe.

    Beyond this, we have relocated critical infrastructure such as numerous replacement bridges, in tight shutdown periods. We’ve vertically lifted loads exceeding 2,000 tonne to heights in excess of 100 metres, including fragile historical components of 1,000 tonne, and enabled new construction methodologies to become a reality through the innovative solutions we can provide. SRG Global revel in a complex engineering challenge to lift or shift items beyond the conventional approach.

    Our services

    Heavy lifting could be defined as the erection or relocation of any significant structure without the use of cranes. Typically, such works will involve one or more of cable-based lifting, bar-based lifting and hyrdraulic jacking. All of SRG Global’s lifting projects have the same number one priority – safety. Our track record of successful lifts is second to none. We pride ourselves on our quality execution from initial concept right through to on-site works and project completion.

    There is no real limit to the size of the load that can be lifted. Successfully relocating a fragile, single-piece structure weighing 2,000 tonnes – we like to think that “the sky is the limit”.
    Load handling relates to the shifting, sliding, lifting or lowering of heavy loads using jacking equipment instead of cranes. SRG Global has extensive experience in the field of load handling and can provide all of the required services for design as well as supply and operation of equipment.
    SRG Global are leaders in incremental launching of bridges, having completed projects all over the world. The incremental launching method combines the advantages of precast segmental construction with those of cast insitu methods.
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