SRG Global is an engineering-led specialist construction, maintenance and mining services group built to solve the complex problems across the entire asset lifecycle
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Form reo pour

We can provide a fully-integrated structural, post-tensioning and facade construction solution to streamline your building project
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    Our building service includes all facets of modular formwork systems, including wall formwork, column formwork and falsework. Complemented with the reinforcement placement, post tensioning, concrete pumping and placement.

    Our expertise in formwork, including slipforming, and slab engineering, along with our end-to-end capability and our capacity to develop smarter solutions, means that we are able to offer a one stop solution for customers.

    Our services

    By offering equipment, contracting, and sub-contracting services, SRG Global can supply an all-inclusive formwork and concreting package. Our mix of Australian and International equipment coupled with both our experienced on-site workforce and innovative work practices enable us to complete structures faster, safer, and more cost effectively.
    SRG Global can provide dry hire or sale on all its equipment as well as packaged concrete contracting solutions for formwork, concrete pumping, and concrete placement. Above all, we offer our clients reliability, flexibility and experience in formwork and concrete construction.
    SRG Global’s capabilities include the supply of concrete to site, along with the provision of our on-site concrete finishing teams. These teams are fully proficient in the workability of various concrete mixes and specialised aggregate finishes. Our concrete delivery personnel work hand in hand with our formworkers to ensure pour rates never exceed the design of the formwork system.
    SRG Global provide a range of wall formwork products including peri domino, peri trio, solidier systems and bar tie.
    SRG Global provide a range of falsework and propping products including peri skydeck, shoring frames, multi props and giant jacks.
    SRG Global provide a range of column formwork products including modular systems and plastic forms in all shapes and sizes.
    Plywood, truform and edgeform.
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