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Windfarm maintenance

We bring engineering know-how, the skilled workforce and the access solutions to make sustaining buildings, structures and industrial plants easier
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  • Providing coatings repair and maintenance services for wind farms

    SRG Global has highly skilled technicians available with a particular focus on the coatings repair of towers, nacelles, blades and kiosks using a combination of rope and non-rope access technicians and specialist platforms for blade access.  We also offer mechanical teams for bolt tensioning and skilled technicians for asset condition surveys.

    Our services

    SRG Global has a large team of rope access technicians specifically trained and competent to provide wind farm maintenance services. The technicians are responsible for taking sole charge of individual turbines, turning them off and on and carrying out isolations so work can be performed safely.
    SRG Global provide blade inspection works via rope access and drone technology, blade repair works, leading edge protection, lighting protection system maintenance, power curve upgrades and blade bearing bolt maintenance.
    Competent riggers are available to assist with component change outs. Electrical / mechanical technicians are available to carry out service, retrofits and ad-hoc projects. Bolt torqueing and high voltage cable replacement is also able to be undertaken by SRG Global.
    SRG Global provide a range of tower work services including inspection and torque checking of internal tower D ring fittings, ladder change outs, fall arrest inspections, internal and external cleaning following chemical leaks, grease build up or smoke damage and all protection coating work on towers and nacelles, internal and external.
    SRG Global provide bolt torque checking, protective coatings and component change outs / servicing for meteorological masts.
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