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  • Our proud history spans more than 50 years.

    We have a long and proud history that started with the Australian Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme, in 1961. Since then we have worked on some of the world’s most iconic structures.

    • 1961

      Snowy Mountain Scheme
      Snowy Mountain Scheme commenced NSW
    • 1968

      New Plymouth Airport
      Blasting works established in open air rented land at the old New Plymouth Airport
    • 1970

      King Edward Memorial Hospital
      King Edward Memorial Hospital
    • 1976-1978

      Sydney tower
      Sydney Tower construction commenced - installation of cable stays for the landmark tower which was the highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere at the time
    • 1981

      Merlin Hotel
      Merlin Hotel Project (Now Hyatt Centre)
    • 1983

      Chichester Dam
      First dam anchoring project, Chichester Dam NSW
    • 1984

      Observation City
      Observation City - Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough
    • 1985

      Shell Todd
      Contract awarded at Shell Todd Oil Services
    • 1985

      Burswood Casino
      Burswood Casino Project
    • 1986

      WACA Grandstand
    • 1987

      Exchange Plaza
      Exchange Plaza
    • 1988

      Subiaco Oval Grandstand
      Subiaco Oval - Grandstand
    • 1990

      Meremere Power Station
      Asbestos removal project awarded at Meremere Power Station
    • 1992

      Victoria Bridge
      TBS Farnsworth awarded first major project, the Victoria Bridge in Hamilton
    • 1992

      Central Park Tower
      Central Park Tower
    • 1994

      Leinster Nickel Mine
      Commencement of large underground 24/7 ground support contract at Leinster Nickel Mine, WA
    • 1995

      Auckland Harbour Bridge
      Bridge deck resurfacing contract awarded for Auckland Harbour Bridge which becomes a key contract over next 10 years
    • 1995

      Tung Chung Bridges
      Incremental launching of two bridges on the North Lantau Expressway at Chep Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong
    • 1997

      Emirates Office Tower
      Emirates Office Tower, Dubai UAE
    • 1998

      Auckland Harbour Bridge
      Auckland Harbour Bridge 10 year maintenance contract
    • 1998

      Subiaco Railway
      Subiaco Railway Tunnel and Station
    • 1999

      Etihad Stadium
      Etihad Stadium Roof Lift
    • 2000

      Canning Dam
      World Record capacity ground anchors installed at Canning Dam
    • 2002

      Stadium Australia
      Stadium Australia reconfiguration after Sydney Olympics
    • 2002

      Claudlands Bridge
      Claudlands Bridge Project Awarded
    • 2003

      Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
      Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
    • 2005

      Raffles Hotel
      Raffles Hotel
    • 2006

      Cowal Gold Mine
      Commenced at Cowal Gold Mine, NSW
    • 2007

      Refining NZ
      Refining NZ maintenance contract commenced
    • 2008

      Claremont Quarter
      Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre commenced
    • 2008

      District Law Courts
      District Law Courts Building
    • 2008

      Auckland Harbour Bridge
      Auckland Harbour Bridge Box Girder Strengthening Project commenced
    • 2011

      Perth Children's Hospital
      Perth Children's Hospital commenced
    • 2011

      Perth Airport
      Perth Airport Terminal 1 commenced
    • 2011

      Poatina Penstock Refurbishment
      Poatina Penstock Refurbishment Project commences
    • 2012

      Roseries Dam Sudan
      Roseries Dam, Sudan
    • 2012

      Gorgon Project
      Commenced Gorgon Project
    • 2013

      South Middleback Ranges
      Commencement of drill and blast works at South Middleback Ranges in Whyalla, South Australia.
    • 2013

      Wind farm
      First wind farm maintenance
      contract awarded
    • 2013

      Brookfiled Place
      City square (Brookfield Place) project started
    • 2014

      QE2 Carpark
    • 2014

      Elizabeth Quay Bridge
      Work Commenced on Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge.
    • 2015

      Perth Stadium completed
      Completed Perth Stadium project
    • 2016

      Makatote Rail
      Makatote Rail Viaduct completed
    • 2016

      Ritz Carlton
      Ritz Carlton commences at Elizabeth Quay
    • 2017

      Skytower Brisbane
      Skytower Brisbane commences
    • 2017

      Palais Theatre
      Palais Theatre Restoration
    • 2018

      Flinders Street Station
      Flinders Street Station restoration commenced
    • 2018

      Cape Lambert
      Cape Lambert project commenced