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  • Monitor structural integrity with absolute precision

    Even the most finely engineered, manufactured and installed structural and support systems can be subject to adverse conditions, environmental changes, wear and tear. In many cases, such as load cell anchors for dams, and mining operations, the need for precise, reliable and durable monitoring systems is required to detect and prevent failure.

    We source, install and maintain high integrity radars that deliver accurate data in real time, to ensure ongoing safety and productivity.

    Our services

    SRG Global provide Reutech Mining’s Movement and Surveying Radars. The services offer safer working environments through reduction of risk with the areas being monitored 24/7 in all weather conditions which can provide instantaneous safety alerts of live video feed.
    SRG Global are leaders in providing monitoring systems and solutions for high capacity ground anchors. Generally installed in dams, the anchors are required to be monitored periodically to ensure they are still performing at their specified requirements.
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